Year’s End

by Givi Topchishvili on December 22, 2012

  • 2012 may have been a tough year for us, but a good one as well. Tough because, despite our continuous growth, the challenges presented themselves in a number of ways – growing pains, staffing changes and client roster shifts, among others. However, one cannot learn from mistakes if he does not make any, and I believe that our challenges have left us closer, stronger, and more motivated. In this post, I want to look at the year that’s coming to an end as a CEO as well as an individual.The 2012 saw the birth of the 9.8. Group – a holding company that houses several media, marketing, and technology companies. It took a while, but we agreed on the positioning and the branding for the newly formed group – just in time for the New Year – and I am happy to unveil the 9.8 Group logo:
  • One of the key pillars of our business — our capability within the multicultural marketing space – grew tremendously in 2012. The acquisition and integration of Prime Access made us as the largest independent multicultural marketing agency, and furthered our thought leadership within the health care space, as evidenced in our white papers and reports (more of those to come in Q1 of 2013). One of the pioneers in the space, we are proud to see the multicultural marketing category finally getting more recognition.
  • Another core competency — our international marketing legacy – has transformed into a unique capability that gives us an edge as the world is getting smaller. Our commitment to innovative digital and insight-driven solutions has benefited several campaigns, including Lufthansa’s ChaiLounge, generating buzz throughout the travel & tourism industry and beyond.
  • Many of you know about my passion for innovation. It’s a process, a challenging, and often painful process that does not bring results overnight. Our ‘ability to continuously innovate’ may be held back by outside factors, but I do see our success within that area, and am optimistic that we will get there. Presently, our innovation taskforce – WeMultiply – is charged with streamlining ideas into a comprehensive, solution-oriented program.
  • Finally, as a team, we have grown tremendously. From multicultural forums to international conferences and health care summits, we shared our points of view with the world in 2012, and continue to do so in the upcoming year – advancing our position rooted in insights, innovation, and creativity. I am proud of the talented and dedicated people that surround me, and I look forward to conquering new heights with them in 2013. We are a diverse team with a unique energy and an unparalleled skill set. My task is to champion that energy and skill into a powerful force within the industry.

Here’s to an unforgettable 2013,

Givi Topchishvili.

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