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Top 5 Takeaways from rASiA

by Lena Feygin on August 2, 2013

WeMultiply‘s Lena Feygin recently led the rASia International Innovation Forum’s Round Table discussion on Women in Innovation. Here she shares her top five takeaways from the event. Last month I accepted an invitation to lead the rASia International Innovation Forum’s Round Table discussion of Women in Innovation. Organized by Alexander Shulgin, the Forum itself focused on recent trends and developments in [...]


A New Brand for an Old Country

by Anna Abelson on September 6, 2012

When you hear “Russia,” what is the first thing that comes to mind? Vodka? Putin? Bears? Communism? Cold War? As a traveler, would you consider Russia an emerging destination or an established one? If your answer is the latter, then Russia is a rare example of an established destination – with centuries of historic legacy [...]

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Netflix and Hulu Set Sights on Russia

by Elena Alexeeva on February 17, 2012

Already cutting into the market share of major cable and television providers domestically, Netflix has set its priorities on global expansion this year. “It’s our 10-year objective to pull this off,” – said Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix. -  “The internet is the world’s first global distribution medium. YouTube is a global brand, so is [...]


At last week’s RBC Economic and Investment Forum in New York, Sergey Lavrukhin, Executive Director of ONEXIM Group, Russia’s leading private investment fund, and a keynote speaker for the panel on Business and Media, showed an interesting video as part of his opening remarks. The 4-minute spot is a branding piece for a Russian lighting [...]


Globally Speaking…

by Givi Topchishvili on August 5, 2011

Another day, another noted brand going global, tapping into emerging markets, realizing that the domestic consumer may not be their only way to success. Today, it’s fast food chains going to Russia and China, earlier this week we heard about the GAP entering China, Australia, Russia, Greece and Japan and a few weeks ago we [...]