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Globally Speaking…

by Givi Topchishvili on August 5, 2011

Another day, another noted brand going global, tapping into emerging markets, realizing that the domestic consumer may not be their only way to success. Today, it’s fast food chains going to Russia and China, earlier this week we heard about the GAP entering China, Australia, Russia, Greece and Japan and a few weeks ago we [...]


Can We Lead The Horse To Water?

by Givi Topchishvili on June 11, 2010

What does Jay-Z have in common with globalization? As of a few weeks ago, it’s this guy. Mikhail Prokhorov, the new majority owner of the New Jersey Nets, has been making rounds on the New York City’s media and social circuit. No daily left him unnoticed. I believe the New York Magazine called him a [...]


Where Do We Go From Here?

by Givi Topchishvili on June 9, 2010

A detailed look at how this recession has changed us. Recession and economy. Who has not voiced their opinion and analyzed those two subjects lately? Yet we have to continue examining each phase as the crisis runs its course. Over the next months, let’s look at several topics and reflect on the current state of [...]