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Anna Abelson

Thailand has been a popular southeast travel destination this decade. In 2009, nearly 14 million international travelers made their way to the country – no small feat for a coastline of barely 2,000 miles (Distance between NYC and Vegas.) Tourism contributes an estimated 6% to Thai GDP annually. Sadly, luck has not been on the [...]


Made in USA — the Rise of Birth Tourism

by Anna Abelson on May 2, 2010

It appears that “medical tourism” is not only growing for U.S. outbound tourism, but is actually getting stronger on American soil. Rather than “reverse medical tourism”, it’s actually a somewhat new category – birth tourism. So, what is it? It’s the practice of traveling to a country to have children. Or speaking the travel marketing [...]


$10 Pass to the New World — Welcome to America!

by Anna Abelson on March 9, 2010

To a New Yorker, “spotting a tourist” could be one heck of a drinking game. Move over, St. Patty’s, we will be out of beer before noon! But NYC isn’t like the rest of the country. With a few exceptions (LA,Miami, Chicago), our country’s heartland hardly gets the recognition it deserves. Not many international tourists [...]